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Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), defined as nonprofit, non-state, voluntary organizations, promote enormous changes in society, particularly on a national level. NGOs are entities that are perspicuous from governments therefore, they are able to organize and expand support for causes that exceed borders in a completely non-threatening manner and work swiftly and efficiently to provide aid, support, and assistance to nations and people in need.NGO performs a variety of roles in our society and there is hardly any area which is left untouched by NGOs, be it social development, education, natural resources, finance, human settlements, culture, or even energy. NGOs have played an effective capacity in changing the landscape of the current scenario. They have become the compunction keepers of the modern democracy. Earlier people had an indistinct idea about what working in an NGO affects but now a sea change has been witnessed in the public’s conception of NGO and NGO workers. Many professionals join NGOs at a later stage of their life in their capability as advisors or social worker. Today NGOs have a highly corporatized structure where there are different levels of hierarchy.

We provide not for Profit Placement Services and specialize in not-for-profit sector recruitment across India. We also specialize in exclusive executive search for Not for Profit Industry and are extremely successful at recruiting highly qualified demanding to source executives from across the region. We have the complete commitment to the recruitment process attest to our 100% success rate. As a Not for Profit Manpower Consultants We bid responsive temporary and contract recruitment services, sourcing professionals for fixed-term contracts, ongoing projects and temporary cover. We manage the entire process from selection and search, interviews and references to payroll. Appointment cell inasmuch Not for Profit Recruitment Agency also specializes in assisting not-for-profit organizations with board appointments. Our board practice is expert at sourcing reimburse and volunteer board directors from distinct backgrounds who are able to offer rich fresh ideas and experience.

Job roles :

  • Program Director
  • Program Specialist
  • Finance and Accounting Manager
  • Grants and/or Contracts Manager
  • Program coordinator


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