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  1. Take over the charge of duty every day after physically verifying the moveable asset at the reception lobby. (You remain responsible for all the moveable asset as they remain under your custody till you hand over to next shift in-charge).
  2. Ensure that all stationery held at front desk is maintained in perfect order, neatly arranged.
  3. Attend all incoming phone calls for enquiry. (Welcome to Ozone!)
  4. Greet the member’s with cheer and smile. (Good morning /Good evening. How are you?)
  5. Wish all the members going out after workout. (See you Ma’m/Sir ! Have a nice day.)
  6. Attend members queries and solve them.
  7. Take care of the walk-in guest. Explain and make them clear of Company’s health concept.
  8. Fill up the guest detail form before you take them for facility tour.
  9. Convince them to join. Highlight the facility’s best offer.
  10. Follow-up for new members / Discussing with sales manager.
  11. Fill membership form, collect photograph, once joined.
  12. Enter complete data of member in the software form.
  13. Take membership fee and issue the receipt. Give members the new id / Card.
  14. Hand over the fee amount & collection amount with receipt to the accounts department.
  15. Introduce new members to floor manager / fitness manager / trainer.
  16. Edit the membership detail on renewal.
  17. Take guest’s appointment for massage as per vacant time slot.
  18. Receive the fee amount for membership-joining or renewal/massage/casual guest/group fitness class (By cash/cheque/credit card)
  19. Make receipt and give one copy to the client.
  20. The reception should not be left unattended at any time for any reason.
  21. Other than GRE’s, no other staff to be seen at the front desk unless & until called for.
  22. No staff is allowed to entertain or be entertained by any member/guest at the café.
  23. Not more than 2 staff are allowed at the front desk at any given point of time.
  24. Newspaper/magazine/books will not be read at the front desk at any time.
  25. No guest/ visitor to be allowed unattended in the club. Front desk has the full authority & responsibility to confirm membership details from new members.
  26. The front desk is responsible for the guest fee. In case a member brings a guest for trial, receive the guest payment charges prior to exercising. Book the receipt on the spot.
  27. Report the status of renewal cases before you leave after your shift.
  28. Make a note of members whose membership expired and are still using the facility.
  29. Pursue the members to renew their membership.
  30. Keep updates on group fitness classes and inform members about any change in the schedule.
  31. Pay attention to efficient functioning of – AC, music, water, light and lobby – wash room.
  32. Keep update, daily maintenance report (DMR) file. Enquire about any fault or problem; note them clearly in DMR sheet. Convey to maintenance staff. Follow up action.
  33. Promote the facilities like group fitness classes, café and massage non-using members.
  34. Take periodic feedback from members. Get member’s suggestion through feedback form.
  35. Maintain data-base and keep updating the database.
  36. Maintain sales record & track the sales record to make better sales than previous month.
  37. Enrich your awareness about other similar clubs in the market so as to highlight the facilities of Company to the potential members.

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