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Appointment Cell

FMCG Industry

FMCG is one of the age old industry which has been the base of India’s revenue collection. FMCG industry is India’s fourth largest industry for collecting revenue and represents nearly 2.5 % of country’s GDP. FMCG industry has vast exposure for recruitment consultants and is a great opportunity for students for pursuing their career. FMCG industry includes production, marketing, distribution, packaging, quality departments. FMCG includes various goods food, confectionaries, personal care, pharmaceuticals, beverages, food, stationary goods, plastics etc. The domain is actually very vast so opportunities are more. And North India has huge production division. Recruitment industry has revealed that the segment is growing at a rapid pace through various well-established channels of distribution. Thus FMCG is always proving to be a recession-proof sector. Rising consumer incomes and the regular growth in consumer has been the strength of this trend. Be big brands or small every company under FMCG sector requires good candidates to make their brands more established. Leading FMCG companies have decided to invest in hiring in the range of 3 per cent to 4 per cent with a forecast of robust growth. The demand for fresh manpower in the FMCG industry is expected to be high mainly in production division and sales and marketing. Appointment Cell has be continuously serving this vast industry and has gain expertize in the following domain. We have a huge database of good candidates to serve the open positions in FMCG sector.

We are experts in providing candidates for various job openings in FMCG industry. Till now we have filled in positions for:

  • Business Development Manager
  • Channel Manager
  • Finance manager
  • Manager – Distribution
  • Quality Control Officers
  • Team managers
  • Manager Marketing
  • Manager- Sales
  • Sales Officer
  • Area Sales Manager
  • Back Office Support
  • Marketing Executive
  • Territory Business Manager
  • Channel Sales Executive
  • Sales Coordinator
  • Territory Sales In-charge
  • Pre-sales Executive
  • Tele callers
  • Below the Line Category Manager
  • Senior Sales Officer
  • Accountants
  • Head-Sales and Marketing
  • Dealer Sales Manager
  • Assistant sales Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Area Sales In-charge
  • Analytics Retail and FMCG Analyst
  • Area Store Supervisor
  • Purchase & Logistics Executive
  • Recruitment Manager
  • Product Executive
  • Product Manager
  • Senior Relation Officer
  • Marketing Executive
  • General Trade Professional
  • Group Business Director
  • Manager - MIS
  • Manager Production