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Bulk hiring has always been one of the biggest challenges for large organizations. Recruitment firms mainly target senior level profile, but the mid-level management and junior level workforce remain unattended, which needs to be solved so that the complete team can function properly, this is where appointment cell comes into picture.

Bulk recruitment is the one of the primary division which appointment cell started in the year 2011. Since then appointment cell provides high quality, niche solution to the companies in regards to the bulk recruitment. We take projects to set up the entire employee group as per profile, starting from the low level to middle and up to senior management. There are various recruitment firms which source candidates for such profiles, but that fragments the complete hiring process, which at times becomes unsuccessful to synchronize the whole process, but the process in which we serve helps to have a bulk hiring with a complete swing in it. All the positions are fulfilled maintaining the proper hierarchy. We help you to establish the complete set up of employees from the very beginning of your organization which helps the company to run smoothly. Appointment cell has served for various leading firms in different sectors of FMCG, IT, Pharmaceuticals, BFSI, and Education department.

For each client, we prepare a dedicated team who work for full time and take care of complete sourcing and that how the whole process of recruitment is done without compromising quality and speed. Bulk recruitment division is the centralized team based out of Gurgaon and serves for clients all over India.

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