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The automotive field consists of all those companies and activities convoluted in the manufacture of motor vehicles, including components like bodies and engines. The industry’s principal products are light trucks, including pickups, passenger automobiles, vans, and sport utility vehicles. The Two Wheelers segment predominates the market in terms of volume owing to a growing middle class and a young population. And the growing interest of the companies in exploring the rural markets further aided the growth of the sector. The Indian market is expected to make India a leader in the two-wheelers and four wheeler markets in the world by 2020. The automobile industry is affirmed by numerous factors such as the utility of skilled labor at a reduced cost, vigorous R&D centers, and low-cost steel production. a built-in ability to increase reach in new geographies and rise markets. Indian auto-components industry has experienced healthy outgrowth over the last few years, Some of the aspects referable to this include a vivacious end-user market, improved consumer conviction and return of equal liquidity in the financial system. Auto-components industry can broadly rely on the organized sectors that cater to newer verticals and opportunities for auto-component manufacturers, who would need to adapt to the change via systematic research and development. The rapidly globalizing world is opening up newer avenues for the transportation industry, especially while it makes a shift towards electric, electronic and hybrid cars, which are deemed more efficient, safe and reliable modes of transportation.

Appointment Cell is an Automotive Placement & Recruitment agency in India and with our extensive research and Understanding of automotive industrial job framework has been helped us to bring solidity across the industrial jobs and a common understanding of different job roles and their skills requirements we are a leading recruitment company in India. With the growth of the manufacturing unit and high demand of automobile, this industry requires highly efficient and technical professionals who can contribute in more revenue generation. Appointment Cell helps you to develop all the domains which can assist in functioning and income generation. We are particularized in providing well competent and well-experienced workforce. our expert recruiters understand the framework and job descriptions that we have developed within the industrial based recruitment with years of experience and with amended technicality. our recruiters are technical expertise with professional pieces of training. We are available for all your employee needs to provide expertise with our Automated web portal and hassle-free services. we are expert in executive search services for Automobile and auto-component Sector in all major clusters in Gurgaon, Manesar, Raebareilly, Indore, Ahmednagar, Uttarakhand, Silchar, Mumbai, Pune & Chennai.

Job roles :

  • Engineering
  • Purchasing
  • Materials Planning
  • Logistics
  • Quality and Manufacturing functions in the framework
  • Automotive engineers
  • Marketing


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Automobile & Auto Component Industry

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