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Appointment Cell

About Us

Appointment cell is engaged in the business of searching, identifying and recruiting various qualified personnel for both technical and non-technical division at staff and management level. Appointment Cell- since last five years is equally contributing to client company’s growth and success. Our client includes companies who have both domestic and international operations. Till now we have shaped more than one thousand professionals. We have a domain specialized team who provides customized recruitment solution to various verticals.

Since its beginning in the year 2010, Appointment Cell has supported you with expert solutions for identification, selection and recruitment of qualified professionals in a huge multitude of specialties. Our recruitment team rigorously works together with your organization through the complete recruitment cycle to get quality professionals for your company.

We hire the best for you!

Our core values:"We believe your business as our business and your success as our success"

The dedicated support of our team helps us to act as an extended hand for our clients. We understand and value both client’s and candidate’s needs and try to meet their expectations.

We follow the complete code of ethics. All the terms and conditions are discussed prior and is done accordingly. We remain transparent with our clients and candidates while dealing with each other.

We protect the client’s confidential information and preserve it accordingly.

How Appointment cell works:
  • We understand the clients’ requirements.
  • Prepare the job description accordingly.
  • Plan out the search strategy to work on.
  • Start mapping the right candidate from the relevant market.
  • Do the shortlisting.
  • Share the resumes.
  • Conduct the interview.
  • Share the feedback.
  • Negotiate with the candidates.
  • Do the reference check.
  • Get the position filled and candidate placed.
  • Do the post placement follow up.

How appointment cell is different:
We realized the need for both companies and candidates and try to match the demand and supply theory. We scan out candidate profile, understand their requirements and place them accordingly. Similarly, when we meet our client the first thing we try to understand what is the exact scenario, what the client is looking for, what is the exact job description. Ones we understand these requirements, we start working on it, to provide the exact candidate you are looking for. Our dedication is our recognition.